Velpas: Mobile Visual Search
Velpas™ is a visual search technology, a 'Shazam for images'.
Give Velpas™ an image collection to index, and search it from your mobile app.

Velpas technology

Velpas™ means hunting trap in the language of khanty, an indigenous people of the northern Ural and western Siberia. Velpas™ is also an original mobile visual search technology developed by our team. With Velpas™ you can search large collections of images from your mobile app using smarphone pictures as queries.
If you are interested in using Velpas™ please write to us.

Key features
Compact index
Fast and
accurate search

Velpas Magazine

The scenario is simple and intuitive: snap a magazine cover  — get a free e-copy instantly delivered to your device.

The app’s back-end crawls digital publishing sites and retrieves documents that look like magazines. By the end of 2014, Velpas Magazine has indexed about 15,000 covers of Russian magazines, most of them of the years 2013-2014.


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